Sat, 20 Jul 2024
( 14 Muharram 1446 )

WhatsApp will allow users to convert voice notes to text

15 June, 2024 17:30

World’s popular messaging app WhatsApp is working on voice note transcription for the convenience of its users which will be rolled out soon.

According to the report of Web Beta Info, through the WhatsApp voice note transcribe feature, users will not need to read voice messages or listen to an interview, but now you will be able to read the voice note at will.

The report states that the WhatsApp management is also working on a language change option in the voice transcription feature that will provide an opportunity to further improve the transcripts. A new section can be added to the app to change the voice transcription feature to different languages.

Currently, the new feature will be available in 5 languages ​​(English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hindi) for WhatsApp users. Users will be able to choose any of the languages, but there is a possibility that more languages ​​will be added to the feature in the future.

Web beta info said that users will need to download 150MB of new app data to transcribe voice notes. After downloading the additional data, they will be able to use the new feature to read voice messages.

The new feature will be especially useful in situations where the voice recording is difficult to hear.

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