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Did Simpsons predicted Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Bado Badi success?

10 July, 2024 19:05

Pakistani actor Imran Abbas has sparked a mix of amusement and skepticism on social media after sharing his observation of a striking similarity between an old episode of The Simpsons featuring Stevie Wonder and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s recent music video, Bado Badi.

The actor took to Instagram to share his discovery, posting side-by-side screenshots of the animated Stevie Wonder playing a saxophone and Chahat’s music video.

“The Simpsons did it again! Just like in the past, Simpsons predicted the doom of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan on us in its previous episodes,” the actor wrote.

While some fans playfully indulged in the conspiracy theory, others were quick to point out the obvious – that the character in the episode was indeed Stevie Wonder. One commenter joked, “I’m sure that was Stevie Wonder, but still funny.” Another observed, “Look at the hair,” highlighting the uncanny resemblance between the two.

The Simpsons has a history of predicting future events, which has led to widespread fascination and speculation. While some believe the show’s creators possess a crystal ball, others attribute the coincidences to clever writing and satire.

Abbas’s lighthearted observation has added fuel to the fire, leaving fans to ponder the possibility of a connection between the two.

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