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Do you know where is the rainiest place on Earth?

10 July, 2024 11:17

People across Pakistan eagerly wait for rain during the monsoon season.

But do you know which place in the world has the most rainfall throughout the year?

This place is not in America or Europe but not far from us. Yes indeed Mawsynram, a small village in India, is the place that receives the most rainfall throughout the year.

Every year this village receives so much rain that cannot be imagined in any region of the world. The name of this village located in the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya is also in the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the village receives an average of 11873 mm of rainfall every year and this is due to its unique climate. In 1985, there was 26,000 mm of rain in a year.

The name Mawsynram, means land of cold stones, named because of the cold weather and rocks there. Rainy season here is from April to October and during these months heavy rainfall continues continuously.


In June 2022, there was 1004 mm of rain in one day which is very high. For example, Poland gets 600 to 700 mm of rain in a year.

Apart from this, rain continues throughout the year but its intensity is not very high.

So why does it rain so much here?


The reason for such high rainfall in the village is the specific geographical and climatic conditions that lead to very humid weather.

The village is surrounded by cliffs that act as a barrier to monsoon winds from the Bay of Bengal.

When the humid monsoon winds reach there from the south, the location forces them to rain.

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