Sat, 13 Jul 2024
( 07 Muharram 1446 )

Ex-Bollywood actress Sana Khan releases son’s first video after birth

10 July, 2024 13:04

Former actress Sana Khan, who had said goodbye to Bollywood, released her son Tariq Jamil’s video for the first time after his birth.

Sana Khan said goodbye to Bollywood in 2020 and married Mufti Anas Syed in 2021.

Sana Khan is living a happy life after marriage. Last year, her son was born.

Sana Khan along with her husband Mufti Anas Syed and son Tariq Jameel had performed the Hajj last year.

Now Sana Khan has released the video of her son for the first time after the birth. He has released son Tariq Jameel’s Hajj video from his official Instagram account and wrote ‘Humara Chhota Haji’.

She further said, “O Allah, make me a person who offer prayer and create people from among my children who offer prayer.”


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