Sat, 13 Jul 2024
( 07 Muharram 1446 )

Hezbollah launch large-scare drone, missile attack on Israel

13 June, 2024 18:49

Hezbollah has reportedly launched a large-scare drone and missile attack on the northern areas of occupied Palestine, al-Manar TV channel reported.

According to the media outlet, it has fired 50 rockets at the occupied Golan Heights.

At least 100 rockets were fired in the last hour alone on the occupied northern region of Al-Jalil and Golan, it said.

Meanwhile, Israeli media described it as a large-scale attack and reported warning sirens sounding in large areas of Al-Jalil and Golan.

As many as 30 drones took part in the operation.

The attacks initially caused extensive damage to sensitive military installations of the Zionist regime in the Golan Heights.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah carried out large-scale attacks on occupied territories in retaliation for the martyrdom of one of its senior field commanders, and some sources said 200 rockets were fired during the operation.


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