Mon, 15 Jul 2024
( 09 Muharram 1446 )

Houses of 11 Muslims demolished in India

16 June, 2024 16:40

Houses of 11 Muslims have been demolished by Indian police after allegedly recovering beef from refrigerators in Mahdya Pradesh’s Mandla.

In the so-called secular country of India, the Muslim hostility continues in the name of the cow.

The police alleged they found evidence of illegal beef trade and recovered 150 cows and beef from the houses in Bhainwahi area.

They said they raided the houses on a tip-off that a cow slaughter being run in the houses.

After registering a case, police have arrested a Muslim while hunt has been launched to arrest 10 others.

A local government veterinarian has confirmed the seized meat is beef. He said samples have been sent to Hyderabad for secondary DNA analysis.

The seized cows were relocated to a cattle shelter.

Police claimed that Bhainswahi area had become a hub of cow smuggling for some time now. Cow slaughter is punishable in Madhya Pradesh with a jail term of seven years, a senior police official said.

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