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Pakistan notes US failure to list human rights abuser India in IOJK

12 December, 2019 11:48

Pakistan notes US failure to list human rights abuser India
Foreign Ministry spokesman on Thursday noted US Treasury Department faiure to notice Indian security forces’ extensive human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir.

He expressed surprise while commenting on the US Treasury Department’s list of 18 global abusers. The list include Pakistani police official, 
Foreign Office Spokesman referred to the scope of Global Magnitsky Act. He said they remain surprised over US Treasury Department’s failure in view of that Act.

Pro-India US Stance?

During his weekly press briefing, he was asked to respond over the sanctioning of Senior Superintendent Police Rao Anwar.

Hence, he pointed out US Treasury Department failure.
Particularly, US failed to hold anyone responsible for the most egregious, extensively reported and independently verified human rights violations and abuses. He said citing the perpetrator of these crimes Indian security forces in IOJK.

Rao Anwar

The United States on Tuesday placed Rao Anwar on a list of major global abusers of human rights, accusing him of being involved in 190 fake police encounters that resulted in over 400 deaths.
The list, issued on International Human Rights Day, includes individuals in Myanmar, Pakistan, Libya, Slovakia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan for their roles in serious incidents of human rights abuse.
The FO spokesman further said Rao Anwar Khan was already under trial for the crimes he had allegedly committed and the matter was sub judice.

Citizenship Amendment Bill

Meanwhile, he also rejected India’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill.  He said the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in pursuance of its Hindutva ideology had cornered the country in a dead end.
Furthermore, he termed the legislation a sheer violation of human rights, which he said had put the minorities in India at serious security risks.
Moreover, he said the crisis of IoJ&K was worsening day by day as entire Valley entered 137th day of continuous siege with complete communication blackout.

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