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Sardar Latif Khosa joins PTI

17 December, 2023 17:05

Senior lawyer and Pakistan Peoples Party leader Sardar Latif Khosa joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday.

Sardar Latif Khosa appeared with a PTI flag slung around his shoulders in a press conference at his residence in Lahore, shared his joining the PTI on the wish of jailed PTI founder Imran Khan.

Sardar Latif Khosa said : “I have decided this only in the interest of the country and democracy, I have dedicated my services to PTI. I am free to join party of my choosing,” Khosa said he would not talk about what he lost or gained in the PPP.

He said the country’s Constitution is a civil agreement that has the characteristics of all welfare states, adding state and the country suffered whenever the Constitution was deviated from.

“The motherland can become prosperous, if we follow the Constitution. The Constitution has a solution to everything if it is implemented in its true spirit,” he said.

Latif Khosa said that One should not be fearful to speak the truth, adding that life, death, honour, respect and sustenance were all in God’s hands.



“Why should anyone be scared? These are our institutions. This is our army. Their limits are defined within the Constitution. They are paid through the taxes given by the Pakistani people — be it army generals, judges or the bureaucracy. Their real owners are the people who pay taxes,” Khosa said.

He called on institutions to work within their constitutional limits, adding that problems arose when one interfered in matters beyond its mandate.

He said the country’s 250 million people are looking towards judiciary to ensure a level playing field for all political parties in the run up to general elections on February 8 next year.

“The world says that people do press conferences to leave [the party PTI] and you are doing a press conference to join it,” he quipped, referring to the manner in which several PTI leaders had left the party in the aftermath of the May 9 violence.

Khosa also called for ending “oppression” of the PTI founder, who has been incarcerated since August this year in several cases.

In September, the PPP had suspended Khosa’s party membership and also ousted him from its central executive committee (CEC).Sardar Latif Khosa served as a Governor of Punjab from 2011 -13 by then PPP administration. He served as Secretary General of Pakistan Peoples Party in 2013 -17.

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