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TikTok challenges Instagram with its new image-sharing app Whee

29 June, 2024 09:30

In a bid to challenge Instagram, TikTok has introduced Whee – an image sharing app – with an aim to boost interaction and capitalize on wider usage patterns.

The app provides an Instagram-like feed of photos that are shared only with friends.

“Whee is a new social app created to keep you connected with your close friends through life’s spontaneous moments. Capture and share real-life photos that only your friends can see, allowing you to be your most authentic self. Where is the best place for close friends to share life moments,” said TikTok.

The Chinese social giant hinted at launching the app back in April. They previously experimented with a similar app Lemon8 last year.

However, Whee and Notes address different use cases, while Lemon8 concentrates on items and promotions.

Notes target a wider audience, whereas Whee is more focused on friend sharing.

As name suggest, Notes is a lifestyle platform that serves as a public sharing platform for visual information and provides educational photo-text content regarding travel advice, recipes, and other topics.

Instagram clone Xiaohongshu, supported by Tencent, has grown significantly in China and entered the eCommerce space.

TikTok may be trying to duplicate the success of Notes in Western markets and encourage private sharing via Whee to obtain data for targeting advertisements.

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