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Video: One killed after roof collapses at Delhi airport, flights cancelled

28 June, 2024 18:59

At least one person was killed after the roof of a terminal building in the Indian capital’s New Delhi airport partially collapsed due to heavy rains, with several domestic flights cancelled.

The incident occurred at 5am amid heavy rainfall and strong winds in the city, prompting authorities to cancel flights from the affected terminal.

According to a statement released by the airport on social media platform X, a section of the canopy at the departures area of Terminal 1 collpased, causing injuries and trapping one person under the debris.

Soon after the incident, emergency teams swiftly arrived at the scene to provide medical aid and assistance to those affected.

The heavy rainfall led to inundated roads and traffic jams, causing chaos in the surrounding area.

In response to the incident, India’s Aviation Minister stated that he was closely monitoring the situation and that first responders were working diligently at the site to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

The Delhi airport, which is one of the busiest in the country, has been experiencing heavy rainfall and strong winds in recent days, leading to concerns about the structural integrity of the airport’s infrastructure.

In the aftermath of the incident, passengers are advised to check with their airlines for updates on flight schedules and to plan their travel accordingly.

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