Sat, 13 Jul 2024
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Watch: Crocodile spotted crawling along rainy road

01 July, 2024 20:56

In a bizarre incident, a massive 8-foot crocodile was spotted roaming the streets of Chiplun town in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, India after a heavy downpour on Sunday night.

The extraordinary scene was captured on camera by an autorickshaw driver in the Chinchnaka area, and the video has since gone viral on the internet.

According to Indian media reports, the giant reptile was seen strolling on the rain-soaked road, moving past standing vehicles, and sending shockwaves through the town.

The video showed a few other vehicles stopped on the road, with passengers capturing the rare and dangerous moment on their cameras.

The authorities believe that the crocodile likely ventured into the town from the nearby Shiv or Vashishti rivers, which are known to be habitats for these creatures. The incident has sparked a mix of concern and amusement among internet users, with many expressing their surprise and fascination at the unusual sight.

The video has garnered a plethora of hilarious comments on social media, with users poking fun at the situation.

“Everyone has come out on the streets to celebrate the trophy win,” wrote one user on X. Another user quipped, “Let her enjoy her original place which is grabbed by us.”

However, not all users were amused, with some expressing concern for the safety of the townspeople. “It’s high time the municipality should take action. Before someone is hurt by these beasts,” wrote one user. Another user commented, “When the roads turn into ponds, and the ponds turn into high rises, where will the animals venture?”

The incident has also sparked a debate about the impact of urbanization on wildlife habitats.

As one user aptly put it, “Vadodara se Chalke Maharashtra tak pahunch gya. This Cocodial has United India.”

The video has also inspired some creative and humorous responses, with one user joking, “Crocodile spotted roaming on Maharashtra road after heavy rain, actually looking for fans with Indian flags to dance together in celebration.”

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