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£190m corruption : NAB summoned co-accused via advertisement

08 December, 2023 20:08

On the orders of an accountability court in Islamabad, the advertisements of fugitive suspects in the £190 million scandal case were published  outside the Judicial complex.


Former prime minister Imran Khan is a primary accused in the case and co-accused are former accountability advisor Shahzad Akbar, former aide to premier Zulfiqar Bukhari, Zia Mustafa and Farah Shazadi aka Farah Gogi.


Due to prolonged absence from the court’s proceedings, the judge ordered to summon the accused via advertisements. Later, the advertisements against the co-accused in the case have been pasted outside the judicial complex.

The ads to be read aloud in the native and residential areas of the suspects as well as ads to be pasted outside the residences of the suspects. The court has ordered the co-accused in the case to appear before the court on January 6, 2024, the court ordered.

It is pertinent to mention here that all the summoned suspects are based abroad, Shahzad Akbar & Zulfiqar Bukhari are freely living in the United Kingdom and Farah Gogi in Dubai.

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