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SC asks FBR how the highly sensitive data was given to private company

20 February, 2020 05:46

SC asks FBR how the highly sensitive data was given to private company during hearing of the case relating to computerization of the record.

The three-member bench of the apex court court resumed the hearing.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed also questioned the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR). 

SC asks FBR how

The SC bench asked the FBR how the highly sensitive data was given to a private company? Does the FBR give the task of tax collection to that private company as well?”
CJP also observed that family members of high ranking officers of the FBR were employees of that private company.
The apex court ordered the FBR to answer the questions which a high court raised to the private company.
Attorney general told the court that the company was not private; instead, “a public limited” that develops software only and does not collect taxes.
CJP remarked that should we abolish the company and ask the NAB to investigate into the matter or FBR should perform its work by itself?
The AGP apprised the court that no government employee was taking any salary from the company.
Meanwhile, FBR chairperson Nausheen Amjad told the SC that technical individuals do not join the civil service due to low wages.
She stated taht their salaries are even less than the general manager of the private company.
Justice Ejazul Ahsan said the persons who have access to the FBR’s data in the company must be identified to the court.
“The court must also be told if the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules were violated during signing of a contract between the FBR and the private company.”
Chief Justice of Pakistan asked if FBR’s tax recovery increased due to that company.
He remarked: “We know the game FBR officers play with online passwords….there’re several cases of illegal tax refunds pending with the courts.”

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