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After killing its 3 prisoners Mossad chief reached Qatar for prisoner swap

17 December, 2023 19:02

The Israeli intelligence agency chief David Barnea met the prime minister of Qatar for resuming negotiation with Hamas after Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) killed its own 3 prisoners of more than 100 held by Hamas from October 7 assault.

The three Israeli men Yotam Haim, Samer El-Talalka and Alon Shamriz – all in their 20s – had somehow escaped their captors.One of the men was carrying a stick with a white cloth tied to it and all had removed their shirts. Spotting the three, an Israeli soldier on a rooftop opened fire, shouting “Terrorists!”

While two of the hostages fell to the ground immediately, the third fled into a nearby building. When a commander arrived on the scene, the unit was ordered into the building where soldiers killed the third hostage despite his pleas for help in Hebrew.



Israeli PM Netanyahu to complete the recovery of prisoners

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said : “We have serious criticisms of Qatar but right now we are trying to complete the recovery of our hostages”.

A Hamas statement later said the group “affirms its position not to open any negotiations to exchange prisoners unless the aggression against our people stops once and for all”.

“The movement communicated this position to all mediators,” it added.


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