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‘All eyes on Rafah’: Do you know story behind viral post?

29 May, 2024 16:55

A post on the prevailing situation in Gaza has gone viral on Instagram. The photo reads “All eyes on Rafah”.

The photo was posted as a story template by shahv4012, a user from Malaysia, which has since gone viral.

The image is possibly created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), which shows a tented camp with the inscription All Eyes on Rafah in the middle.

The post was posted on May 28 and has since been shared by over 3.5 million Instagram users.

It was shared on Instagram by many celebrities including Bollywood and Hollywood stars to highlight the seriousness of Rafah’s situation.

What does All Eyes on Rafah mean?

The Malaysian user uploaded the image to attract the world’s attention to the current situation in Rafah, where Israeli forces are committing genocide of Palestinians. The post was shared following an Israeli attack on a refugee camp in Rafah on May 27.

The attack by Israel was carried out in a camp housing displaced people in northwestern Rafah, which was declared a safe zone. Many people including women and children were martyred and injured in this attack.

Why are people posting it on social media?

The purpose of this post is not only to focus the world’s attention on the situation in Gaza, but also to show support for the Palestinian cause.

The more people share this photo, the more eyes will be able to see Rafah’s situation and guess what Rafah’s situation is.

Whose slogan is this?

The slogan “All eyes on Rafah” was probably taken from a statement by Dr Rik Peeperkorn, director of the WHO’s office in the Palestinian region.

In February, the Israeli prime minister instructed the Palestinians to withdraw from Rafah, after which Dr Rik Peeperkorn said in a statement that all eyes are on Rafah.

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