Sun, 19 May 2024
( 11 Dhul Qidah 1445 )

All my family women are independent, says Hamza Ali

11 May, 2024 15:36

Renowned actor and model Hamza Ali Abbasi has said that if the women of a family are independent and strong, then they become a great support for their men.

During a telephonic conversation on a private media show, Hamza Ali Abbasi said, “I am proud to say that all the women in my family are independent. I am proud that my mother, my sister and even my wife are independent. I am proud of them’.

Abbasi further said it is true that if women of the family are independent, they become a great support for the men of the family and become their motivation.

He added that it is true that women currently face harassment in all sectors including showbiz, for which we men also have to play a central role. We must ensure that wherever we see incidents of harassment we should not accept and raise voice against them. We should not encourage harassment incidents, he said adding unfortunately we men have taken harassment for granted. It is also true that at many places it is because of men that the cases are increasing.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said, “On the contrary, women deserve praise for raising their voice against harassment on every platform. We need to tell our women that whenever they see such an incident, they should speak up, the TV and model said.

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