Fri, 23 Feb 2024
( 13 Shaban 1445 )
Fri, 23 Feb 2024


Amir, others highlight ‘engineering’ in Elections 2024 results

09 February, 2024 19:19

It has been over 25 hours since the end of polling time, however, Election Commission of Pakistan so far failed to deliver the much-awaited results of general elections 2024.

This not only raised some eyebrows but also raise questions on the credibility of the polls.

Moreover, social media platform X, formally known as twitter, is filled with questions and videos highlighting engineering in the elections 2024.

Former Pakistan cricket Mohammad Amir took to X and shared a screen short featuring the result of an independent candidate Raja Basharat against PML-N’s Malik Abrar Ahmed.

In the picture showing before and after results where, not only Basharat, who was winning from the constituency lose to Ahmed. And doing so he also lost about nine thousand votes from his total.

In another clip shared on the social platform shows anchor Mansoor Ali Khan is questioning, how 16,500 votes were rejected from a constituency in Multan. He also shared the copy of form 45 as well.

Moreover, senior journalist Iqra ul Hassan wrote that these cannot be dubbed as elections.

Furthermore, taking a dig at setup, he wrote that the result might be changed who knows, but for now Rana Sanaullah also faced defeat in Faisalabad.

PTI’s mandate snatched away, said Firdous Shamim Naqvi while speaking to GTV.

She said that conspiracy hatched to destroy simple majority of PTI. “Imran Khan led party is ahead despite conspiracies.”

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