Tue, 18 Jun 2024
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Apple solves a major problem for iPhone users

23 May, 2024 12:26

Apple, the American technology company that manufactures iPhone, has solved the long-standing problem of its users, introducing a new update.

Apple has released updates for iOS 17 and iPods 17 to fix the issue related to deleted photos.

According to a media report, last week some users flagged an issue on the social networking platform. They complained that the photos deleted years ago were reappearing in the Photos app, some of them even from 2010, confusing users.

In order to solve the problems faced by the users, Apple has released an update. In this regard, a spokesperson for the company said that after this update, the problem of reappearing deleted photos will end.

According to the report, it is not mentioned how many users had such complaints, but now all users have been asked to install the said update.

The spokesperson further said that this new software is for iOS 17.5.1 users. To install it, click on the General option in the Update Settings app, then select Software Update.

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