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Billboard displaying Hadith removed in London

21 March, 2024 13:36

A customer display board displaying Hadith has been removed in London.

The digital customer display board was erected at London’s King’s Cross station.

The Network Rail has confirmed removing the board from King’s Cross station.

The customer board read: “The Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said: All the sons of Adam are sinners but the best of the sinners are those who repent often.”

Earlier, passengers had posted photos of the message on social media. The photos drew a mix of complaints and praise on the social media.

According to Network Rail, the Hadith should not have been displayed on the main train departure board. It was being investigated why general Ramazan celebratory messages weren’t used, it said.

A spokesperson for the network told media that we celebrate all the big religious festivals from Christmas to Ramazan at King’s Cross with the view to reflect our diverse passenger and employee base.

He, however, further said that our main departure board should be reserved for train information. We are looking into why our general Ramazan celebratory messages weren’t used, he said, adding all has now been corrected.

Some netizens took to X, formerly known as twitter, and complained about the sign displaying Hadith.

Humanists UK uploaded a statement on the social networking site and wrote: “It felt public train stations should not be urging ‘sinners’ to repent.

It also said: “It is obviously inappropriate and profoundly misjudged to broadcast Hadiths or any religious scripture at passengers.

The group said that it will write to the transport secretary to outline their concerns.

On the other hand, several welcomed the messages that had been posted on other days of Ramazan at King’s Cross.

The Islam Channel wrote on X: “The beauty of Ramazan in unexpected places. A Ramazan hadith spotted at King’s Cross Station reminds us of the blessings and wisdom this holy month brings.”

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