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Boycott of Israeli dates during Ramazan

12 March, 2024 13:04

British Muslims are extra cautious this Ramazan while buying grocery items specially dates, an essential part of Iftar.

Usually, they are used to check supermarket labels to ensure their purchases are halal. However, this Ramazan Muslims are also checking to see where the dates they are buying are grown as the UK is a big market for Israeli dates.

Muslims around the world typically break their fast with the sweet fruit acting upon the Sunnah as the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was used to eat dates in Iftar.

Against the backdrop of the Gaza war, this year Muslims in the UK are keen to avoid buying Israeli dates.

According to the data issued by Friends of Al-Aqsa, in Europe, the UK is the second-biggest importer of Israeli dates. In 2020, the country imported over 3,000 tons of Israeli dates worth about $9.6 million.

Friends of Al-Aqsa has been leading #CheckTheLabel boycott campaign for over 14 years to raise awareness among consumers who are unknowingly buying Israeli dates.

The drive has mainly focused on Muslims during the holy month of Ramazan when sale of Israeli dates surges in the Europe.

Besides, the group has encouraged imams at local mosques in the country to emphasis on boycott in their sermons during Ramazan.

FOA’s Shamiul Joarder said that mosques are very important during to push the message of unity during Ramazan.

He said that the campaign always received good response as no Muslim wanted to break his fast with Israeli dates.

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