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Brutal bombardment by the Israeli army, another 180 Palestinian martyrs

15 December, 2023 16:23

Gaza: Another 180 Palestinians were martyred by the barbaric bombardment of the Israeli army.

The number of martyred Palestinians in the ongoing genocide since October 7 has reached 18,900, while the number of injured Palestinians has increased to more than 55,000.
According to news organizations, 85 athletes including 55 Palestinian footballers are among the martyrs.
Several Israeli tanks and military vehicles were destroyed by counter-attacks by the Palestinian resistance organization Hamas.

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Hamas has called for solidarity marches and demonstrations for Palestinians on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
On the other hand, the United States has demanded Israel to limit its operation in Gaza and has insisted on all possible protection of the Palestinian citizens from Israel.
It should be noted that the number of Palestinians martyred in the brutal operations of the Israeli forces has exceeded 18,682, while the number of injured has increased to more than 50,000.

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