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Celebrities strongly slam Israeli aggression in Rafah

30 May, 2024 11:20

Pakistani showbiz celebrities have strongly reacted to the Israeli army’s brutal bombing of hungry Palestinians.

Actress and model Mahira Khan shared a post on social media and expressed her feelings, criticizing Israel.

Mahira said, in the caption of the post, that Israel burnt the tents of people sleeping in a safe zone and martyred them.



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A post shared by Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan)


Apart from this, actress and model Amna Ilyas also shared a post on Instagram after the Rafah tragedy.

She added that the world is becoming hell and humanity is no more.



Actress Yumna Zaidi also called on people to stand up for Palestine through her Instagram post.



Actress Naimal Khawar Khan also shared a post on Instagram and also posted some stories.



Naimal said, in her post: “O Allah, help me, I feel helpless for the people of Rafah, as well as in a state of grief and anger. The devastation and suffering of these people cannot be described in words.”

On the other hand, singer Umair Jaswal, actress and model Nadia Hussain, actor Ali Rehman and actress Ayesha Umar also expressed their grief over the situation of Rafah.

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