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Could Rafael Nadal return at French Open 2025

28 May, 2024 12:29

It has been speculated that the defeat against Alexander Zverev could be Rafael Nadal’s last game at the French Open. However, the Spaniard hasn’t ruled out his return during his farewell speech.

Tennis stars including Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcarz, Iga Swiatek and others came to watch the first round tie.

The 14-time Roland Garros champion had previously said he expects to retire after the current season.

But Nadal now 37, gave a stunning performance in Paris and didn’t rule out a return.

“In terms if that’s going to be my last Roland Garros, it’s a long answer, but I think I need to answer that, because we’re going to avoid future questions since the beginning – so I’m going to do it,” he said after the game in a six minutes long interview.

He was off the view that there are big chances that it is going to be his last game in the tournament.

“If I have to tell you it’s 100 per cent my last Roland Garros, sorry, but I will not, because I cannot predict what’s going on. I hope you understand,” he said.

The 22-time Grand Slam winner said that he has been going through a long process of recovery with a very difficult injury for last two years and is now “feeling better”.

“I am not a guy that reacts because I lost there or I lost in the other place, no? I react about my personal feelings, and my personal feelings are better now than one month and a half ago, without a doubt.

“So in some way I don’t want to close, 100 per cent, the door, because of a very simple thing.

Moreover, he said that he is enjoying playing tennis and travelling with the family.

“They are enjoying and I am enjoying sharing all this process with them.”

“So give me some time. Maybe in one month and a half I say, ‘okay it’s enough, I can’t keep going’, but today in some way I cannot guarantee that that’s going to be the last one. But of course it’s a big chance.”

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