Sun, 16 Jun 2024
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Electric salt spoon enhances salty taste

21 May, 2024 11:23

A Japanese company has developed an electric salt spoon that produces a salty taste.

Japanese drinks giant Kirin Holdings is launching the magical spoon.

The company claims that using a spoon can reduce actual salt consumption by up to a third.

The 60g spoon is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and the metal in the spoon transfers a weak electrical charge to the tongue to attract sodium ions, thus giving the user a salty taste without the actual salt.

Experts say that high blood pressure, stroke and other diseases can be avoided by reducing the consumption of salt.

Kirin Holdings will launch only 200 electric salt spoons online for $127 this month. It will also offer a limited run at a Japanese retailer in June. The company is hoping for 1 million users worldwide globally within five years.

Overseas sales overseas will start next year, the company said.

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