Tue, 18 Jun 2024
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Faran Tahir reveals how much does he earn in Hollywood

26 May, 2024 15:36

Faran Tahir, a Pakistani actor who has also proven his skills in Hollywood, has disclosed about his remuneration in the US film industry.

Recently, Faran Tahir alongwith his father Naseem Tahir participated in a TV show during which the host asked him about the average remuneration taken in Hollywood films.

In response, Faran Tahir said that his remuneration depends on the budget of the film as if the film is made with a big budget, he charges 1-2 per cent of the movie’s budget.

Sharing an interesting story about the shooting of Hollywood film Escape Plan, the actor said that Stallone and Schwarzenegger are so professional as both of them climbed the stairs 35 times to record a scene as the actors had to climb 4 floors of the building.

It should be noted that Faran Tahir has worked in films like Escape Plan, FBI, American Crime and Iron Man so far in Hollywood.

Faran Tahir is also a good friend and co-star of Hollywood stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Robert Downey Jr.

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