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FM vows failure of enemies in hybrid war against Pakistan

01 January, 2020 09:49

FM vows failure of enemies in hybrid war against Pakistan. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said, while addressing the first session of Hazrat Shah Ruknuddin Aalam Soharwardy [RA] Conference in Multan today.

He referred to the hybrid war which enemies of Pakistan have launched to create unrest through religious and linguistic divide.

FM vows failure of enemies

But, he asserted they would not succeed in their nefarious designs.

The Foreign Minister said minorities in India including Muslim community are suffering unrest and atrocities.

Furthermore, he said that the current regime in India is following the agenda of the supremacy of Hindutva.

Meanwhile, he also prayed for the freedom of occupied Kashmir.

He prayed for end to the sufferings of Muslims in India, peace and stability in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

However, earlier, FM urged the international community to take notice of current wave of insecurity.

In a statement issued on Monday, he drew attention to division of India into two ideologies.

He further referred to the one who remain in support of secular India. He said they are protesting while on the other side, Modi government wants to impose Hindutva agenda.

Shah Mehmood also referred to suppression of democratic values in India amid promotion of Hindutva philosophy.

Moreover, he said that maltreatment with Ulema in Utter Pradesh has saddened everyone.

He said police also manhandled with Priyanka Gandhi; not to speak of the common man. He noted such situation prevails across the country, but the Modi government remain unmoved.


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