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Gaza has simply become uninhabitable, UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths

06 January, 2024 13:39

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) chief Martin Griffiths said Gaza has simply become uninhabitable. Its people are witnessing daily threats to their very existence – while the world watches on

In a statement UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths said, ” Gaza has shown us the worst of humanity, as well as moments of great heroism”.

For children in particular, the past 12 weeks have been traumatic: No food. No water. No school. Nothing but the terrifying sounds of war, day in and day out.

OCHA chief said that the humanitarian community has been left with the impossible mission of supporting more than 2 million people, even as its own staff are being killed and displaced, as communication blackouts continue, as roads are damaged and convoys are shot at, and as commercial supplies vital to survival are almost non-existent.

Martin Griffiths said demanded an immediate end to the war, not just for the people of Gaza but for the generations to come, adding this war should never have started. But it’s long past time for it to end.

Similarly,Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med) in a report said that more than 90,000 people, about 4 percent of the population in Gaza, are dead, wounded or missing.

Euro-Med estimates, 30,676 Palestinians have been killed during the Israeli attacks as of Thursday evening, including 28,201 civilians.

The death toll includes 12,040 children, 6,103 women, 241 health workers, and 105 journalists. An additional 58,960 individuals have been injured, hundreds of whom are currently in serious condition.

Euro-Med said Israel’s continuous air, land and sea attacks have destroyed about 70 percent of the civilian infrastrucEuro-Medture in Gaza since October 7.

Euro-Med submitted a report with the International Criminal Court (ICC) and UN rapporteurs, documenting human rights violations by the Israeli army in its attacks on the Gaza Strip.

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