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Google to manufacture Pixel smartphone in India

24 May, 2024 13:10

Google is planning to manufacture its Pixel smartphone in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The Pixel smartphones will be available in the market this year.

According to the Reuters, Google’s parent company Alphabet is planning to make its Pixel smartphone in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. For the project, the company has hired the world’s largest electronics maker Foxconn.

Sources, in this regard, said on condition of anonymity that Google will manufacture the latest models of its smartphones in the Tamil Nadu, for which Foxconn will support it. Its flagship Pixel 8 will be available this year.



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Citing multiple sources, the report added that the technology company will prepare production lines for its high-end Pixel 8 Pro smartphones in the coming weeks and will start manufacturing the phones in the April-June quarter.

It did not say how many phones Google plans to make in India, nor was there any information on whether the phones would be sold only in India or if they would be exported to other countries outside of India.

Foxconn is already manufactures Apple’s iPhones near Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

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