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Harvard students boycott grad event in Gaza support

26 May, 2024 17:01

Harvard students walk out of graduation ceremony to express solidarity with their fellows, who were not allowed to graduate, as well as Palestine.

Foreign media reported that the administration prevented 13 students from participating in the graduation ceremony for setting up a protest camp in the university to support Palestine.

Students from the Ivy League school stood during the graduation ceremony and chanted “Free Palestine”.

On the other hand, despite the police violence and arrests in Germany, the protest of students in favour of Palestine did not stop and a large number of students came out on the streets, expressing solidarity with the Gazans.

Last week, students at the London’s Oxford University staged a protest in support of the Palestinians.

The students demanded that the university administration end all financial cooperation with Israel.

The administration called the police, sparking clashes between the student protestors. Police nabbed 16 students.

The Oxford Action for Palestine (OA4P), a student group, said the administration called the police when students protested outside the university’s administrative offices.

It added, taking on the social media platform X, that it is clear that the university prefers to arrest and silence its students rather than reconsider its contribution to the massacres perpetrated by Israel.

It should be noted that in the universities of America, Europe, Australia and around the world, there have been demonstrations in favour of the Palestinians and against the ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza.

More or less 1000 students were arrested in the protest demonstrations in American universities.

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