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Here are all the new features in Android 15

19 May, 2024 15:35

Every year a new version of the Android operating system is introduced by Google.

This year, a new operating system called Android 15 is expected to be officially introduced in October.

But the beta version of this operating system has just been released, which hints at some new features.

The number of artificial intelligence (AI) based features is quite high in this year’s operating system. So know about some of the new features that will change the experience of using Android phones.

Private space

This feature will hide a specific area inside the phone and access it with a PIN code that is different from the phone’s main PIN code.

With this feature, users will be able to lock any app they want to keep from other people’s access, even the data and notifications of these apps will be private. In fact, users will be able to hide the private space from others and access it only through fingerprint.

More secure phone calls

Google has designed Android 15 to prevent spam calls to protect users from spam messages and calls.

This will be helpful for users who are targeted by criminals.

A feature called Identifier Disclosure Transparency is also being made part of Android 15 by Google, which will be useful for high-risk users like journalists.

The performance of the phone will improve

Android 15 will support devices that use 16KB pages, resulting in improved phone performance.

That is, apps will open faster, the phone will consume less energy, the camera will also open faster and the phone will turn on faster.

Adding Augmented Reality (AR) to Google Maps

Android 15-powered phones will be able to see AR content in Google Maps, which will help users learn more about different locations.

According to Google, the features based on AR technology will be available initially for limited locations.

It will be difficult for thieves to steal the phone

A few features are being made part of Android 15 by Google to protect Android phones from thieves.

One such feature is the thief detection lock.

This feature uses AI technology to determine when someone is snatching the phone from your hand and running away.

If this feature senses that the phone is stolen, it automatically locks the device and makes it impossible to access all the data inside it.


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