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How long does content stay on Internet?

22 May, 2024 12:40

Social media users generally assume that content posted on the Internet is always remain online, but a new study has revealed that material on the Internet is disappearing over time.

According to the report of the international news organization, many web pages and online content have been deleted so far and a large part of the content uploaded on the Internet is being lost due to the disappearance of the web pages.

The research also revealed that 38 per cent of the web pages that were online in 2013 have been deleted by now. Also, even new web pages are disappearing.  This means that a large number of important news links and content based on important references are unintentionally deleted.

The study further said that 54 per cent of Wikipedia pages have a link in their references that no longer works. 23 per cent of news pages have at least one link that no longer works, and so do official websites. 21 per cent of the content contains at least one such link.

The research revealed that 25 per cent of all web pages collected between 2013 and 2023 were deleted. 16 per cent of those web pages were from a website that still exists, while 9 per cent of the web pages were deleted, it added.

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