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Fri, 23 Feb 2024


Mental health and peace is more important than marriage,Resham

15 December, 2023 18:01

Lahore: Famous actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Resham says that she does not want to ruin her peace of mind by getting married.
Recently three Pakistani actress Resham appeared as a guest on a  TV channel show.
During the conversation, the host of the show asked the actress about marriage, to which Resham said that for me, my mental health and peace is more important than marriage, I don’t want to go crazy by getting married.

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Resham shared her concern, stating that today’s marriages seem to take away peace of mind, and she gets nervous when she sees marriages falling apart. The conversation then turned to Amna Ilyas and Ahmed Ali Akbar, with the host asking if they wanted to get married and go crazy. Amna Ilyas jokingly said, “I want to be crazy,” while Ahmed Ali Akbar replied, “I am already crazy.”

He said that I have seen among my friends around me that marriages are breaking up as fast as they are getting married, today’s marriages are taking away peace of mind and when I see someone’s marriage breaking up, I am very nervous.
It should be noted that during an earlier interview Resham said that she always prays to Allah for her good fortune, she has the intention of marriage but she has not found a good person yet.

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