Sun, 16 Jun 2024
( 10 Dhul Hijjah 1445 )

Images of destroyed “Iron Dome” system in Hezbollah attacks surfaced online

07 June, 2024 21:27

Images surfaced online showed destroyed “Iron Dome” Defense System launchers at the Ramot Naftali military base during an attack by Hezbollah earlier this week.

These images show the wreckage at the military base, directly contradicting previous claims by the Israeli military that no harm to its’ Iron Dome system in the Hezbollah attacks.

The recent social media posts exposed Israeli military’s attempt to mislead the public about the vulnerability of their air defense system.

For the first time, Hezbollah has successfully destroyed an Israeli Iron Dome system, using the “Almas” anti-tank guided missile provided by Iran.

Earlier, Hezbollah released video footage and photographs showing the third-generation “Almas” missile obliterating the Israeli military base.

Recently, Hezbollah has intensified their assaults specially targeting Iron Dome positions, which protect northern Israeli cities from rocket other air attacks.

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