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‘Imran Khan’s X account being operated from abroad’

31 May, 2024 11:40

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson Raoof Hasan has revealed that PTI founder’s X account is being operated from abroad and the head of social media is in America.

In an interview, the spokesperson said that he will have to investigate who uploaded the video of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from PTI founder’s X account.

Hasan said that the PTI MNAs and MPs who re-shared the said video did so in their personal capacity. He denied he had watch the video.

PTI spokesperson Raoof Hassan said that if this video does not conform to the PTI narrative, it will be deleted.

Meanwhile, PTI founder Imran Khan has refused to meet FIA’s Cyber Crime team over tweets from his social account.

According to jail sources, the team had reached Adiala Jail late at night, but the PTI founder refused to answer any questions of the FIA ​​officials.

Imran Khan also denied being involved in the investigation by the FIA ​​team and told the officials that he will answer any question in the presence of lawyers.

On the other hand, the FIA ​​team has obtained the point of view of founder PTI in writing.

It should be noted that the FIA ​​team is investigating the uploading of the anti-state video.


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