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Islamophobia: Veiled Muslim women plan to leave France

18 February, 2024 10:27

Rising Islamophobia at every level in France has shrunk living space for veiled Muslim women born, raised and educated in the country.

A Turkiye’s wire service recently interviewed 20 Muslim women either left the key European country or planning to do so – courtesy workplace discrimination.

Discrimination and lack of social acceptance in one of most developed society of Europe often force Muslim women to seek job opportunities beyond the borders of France.

French coercive policies have completely restrict veiled women from working in the public sector, reinforcing discrimination against the headscarf in the private sector and increasing Islamophobia at the societal level.

Veiled Muslim women also experience discrimination in education and civil society.

The ban on headscarves keeps veiled women away from schools. It is also negatively affecting their careers and general well-being.

Despite Muslim women’s motivation to contribute to French society, they are not allowed to share their skills and experiences in educational environments.

Under these circumstances, Muslim women feel they are excluded from the French society.

Many of the veiled Muslim women have now planned leave the country and continue their careers abroad due to the prevalence of Islamophobia. However, those who choose to stay in France are forced to make difficult decisions such as removing their headscarves to conform to societal pressure or withdrawing from the workforce in the face of discrimination.

Islamophobic state policies and discriminatory attitude in France exacerbate the problems being faced by Muslim women, who make up about 7 million the population.

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