Tue, 28 May 2024
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Explosions heard in two Iranian cities

19 April, 2024 08:39

Explosions were heard in Iran’s central province Isfahan  and Tabriz while US media claimed Israel had carried out retaliatory strikes on its rival.

Iranian media said that there was no missile attack and the explosions were the result of the activation of Iran’s air defence systems.

A senior army official said that the sound was related to Isfahan’s air defense firing at suspicious objects. He added that we have not had any damage or accident, Brigadier Mihandoust said.

State TV said that three objects were spotted in the sky over Isfahan and air defense system became active and destroyed them in the sky.

Iranian media said life is normal in Isfahan and the nuclear installations are completely safe in the city. There are no signs of attack on the ground, the media reports added.

Iran Airports Company has confirmed that normal operations have been resumed for flights at airports including Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad International Airport after temporary delays.

It is to be mentioned here that several nuclear sites are located in Iran’s Isfahan province, including Natanz.

A US official said that Israel has targeted a place in Iran, days after Iran launched a retaliatory drone and missile strike on Israel.

Some Flydubai and Emirates flights flying over Iran made sudden sharp turns away early on Friday from the airspace, flight paths shown on tracking website Flightradar24.







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