Sun, 16 Jun 2024
( 10 Dhul Hijjah 1445 )

Israeli official fears catastrophic outcome of Israel-Hezbollah war

08 June, 2024 20:16

Former National Security Council deputy Eran Etzion fear that the outcome of Israel-Hezbollah war would be catastrophic and his country could lose it within “the first 24 hours”.

“It’s very hard to see how this war can be won quickly, or at all,” Eran Etzion told Newsweek.

The last major Israel-Lebanon War was in 2006, where he headed the policy planning at the Israeli Foreign Ministry under Netanyahu.

“From my perspective, I think it’s going to be a war that Israel will lose within the first 24 hours,” he added.

He believes that the could see the “mass destruction in very sensitive areas within Israel on a scale that they have never seen before”.

Since the beginning of the Gaza war on October 8, Hezbollah has engaged Israel in a low-level conflict.

Civilians have been evacuated from villages on both sides of the border. The Israeli military has targeted Lebanese villages with white phosphorus, while Hezbollah has targeted Israeli military installations with drones, guided missiles, and other weapons.

Last week, US President Joe Biden pushed for a ceasefire in Gaza as the situation was getting out of control.

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