Sun, 16 Jun 2024
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Javeria Saud’s kids reject pro-Israeli company offer

23 May, 2024 14:55

Actress Javeria Saud has revealed that her daughter Jannat and son Ibrahim have turned down an offer from a company that supports Israel.

Javeria shared a photo of her son and daughter on Instagram with the caption, “Both of my children were offered a big job in an ad for a pro-Israel company, but my children refused to work with the company.”

She wrote that this commercial is going to be shot in Turkey and my children convinced us neither attend the shoot and nor be a part of it.


“My children don’t want to compromise their morals by working with a company that supports Israel, and that’s why they didn’t accept the offer,” said Javeria Saud.

The actress added that Jannat and Ibrahim told us that if we can’t do anything else for Palestine then we can at least play our role by boycotting the supporters of Israel. After listening to my kids, I remembered the translation of Surat Al-Fil. May Allah bless everyone with such honest and principled children, Ameen, she further wrote.

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