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Karachi to remain cold and dry till Wednesday

04 March, 2024 17:15

The ongoing cold wave in Karachi is forecasted to decrease from Wednesday, March 6.

Karachi to remain dry, sunny and cold on Tuesday and Wednesday with minimum temperature ranging between 10-12°C on Monday, 12-14°C on Tuesday and 14-16°C on Wednesday.

“A severe cold wave has gripped the whole province and is likely to continue for the next two to three days with day and night temperatures to remain 8-10°C below normal,” according to an advisory issued by the Met Office.

It said minimum temperature in the city on early Sunday morning dropped to 13 degrees Celsius as cold northwesterly winds blew during most part of the day.

The maximum wind speed recorded was 12km per hour. The lowest minimum temperature recorded in the province was 1°C in Mohenjodaro followed by Mithi, where minimum temperature dropped to 3°C.

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