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Kashmir will turn into Gaza if India -Pakistan fails for a solution, Farooq Abdullah

27 December, 2023 21:19

National Conference president (Indian Occupied Kashmir) Farooq Abdullah warned that the situation in Kashmir could become like that of Gaza if a solution is not found through dialogue between India and Pakistan.

“There can be a situation in Kashmir (like that in Gaza) if India and Pakistan do not go for dialogue… On one side we have Pakistan and on the other there’s China. If a war breaks out, the people of Kashmir will be affected I believe what (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee said: ‘you can change your friends but not your neighbours’. Even our PM says this is not the time to fight. So, I hope the time of talks begins now,” the NC chief said while responding to a media query about India’s relations with its neighbouring countries.

“There is a statement of (PM Narendra) Modi ji that war is not an option now. (He said) we have to resolve issues through dialogue now. Where is that dialogue?” Abdullah said in Srinagar.

He also said that former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif was going to become the neighbouring country’s PM again. “He is shouting that they (Pakistan) will talk. What is the reason that we are not ready to talk?” Abdullah said.

Farooq Abdullah criticized the abrogation of Article 370 regarding the special constitutional status of Kashmir and said that militancy has not ended in Kashmir.

“ The issue of militancy is not going to end like this ” pointing to Delhi’s top leadership, he said, to those who are saying that militancy is over; “I say again and again that it is not over.” He urged the Modi government to hold dialogue with Pakistan to find a way out.


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