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‘Kohli should leave Bangalore, and play for Delhi’

23 May, 2024 17:00

Former England batter Kevin Pietersen has advised batter Virat Kohli to switch sides if he wants to win Indian Premier League (IPL) trophy.

Despite scoring impressive 700-plus runs in the ongoing edition, he still fell short of lifting the silverware with Royal Challenger Bengaluru, who got eliminated in the play offs by Rajasthan Royals.

“I have said it before and I will say it again — the greats of the game in other sports, have left teams to go and seek glory somewhere else,” Pietersen told Star Sports.

He was off the view that the batter has won the Orange Cap yet again and has done so much for the franchise he “deserves a trophy”.

“I understand for the brand of the team and the commercial value he brings to the team… But Virat Kohli deserves a trophy. He deserves to play in a team that could help him to get that trophy.”

Moreover, he suggested Kohli should consider moving to Delhi, who are desperate as Bengaluru.

“I actually think it should be Delhi. Delhi is the place where Virat needs to go. Virat can go away, and stay at home most of the time, I know he has a home in Delhi. He has a young family. He can spend more time there. He is a Delhi boy. Why can’t he go back? Delhi are as desperate as Bengaluru.

“I think it’s about time Virat thought long and hard. Beckham left, Ronaldo left, Messi left, Harry Kane just left Spurs and went to Bayern Munich,” he added.

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