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Fri, 23 Feb 2024


last but not the least Google AI model Gemini released

08 December, 2023 22:49

Google has finally released its AI project Gemini, intended to re-establish the search giant as the world leader in AI.


Just last year in November 2023, the OpenAI launched its ChatGPT , Microsoft (Bing AI Chat) in February this year had triggered a new race to develop AI technology and google placed its answer as AI model Gemini.


Gemini, a new type of AI model that can work with text, images, and video, could be the most important algorithm in Google’s history after PageRank, which vaulted the search engine into the public psyche and created a corporate giant.


Gemini is described by Google as “natively multimodal,” because it was trained on images, video, and audio rather than just text, as the large language models at the heart of the recent generative AI boom are.



Ther are three versions of Gemini: Ultra, the largest and most capable; Nano, which is significantly smaller and more efficient; and Pro, of medium size and middling capabilities.


Google says Gemini Ultra, the model that will debut next year, scores 90 percent, higher than any other model including GPT-4.


Gemini will be introduced into other Google products including generative search, ads, and Chrome in “coming months,” the company says. The most powerful Gemini version of all will debut in 2024, pending “extensive trust and safety checks,” Google says.


Gemini was named to mark the twinning of Google’s two major AI labs and as a reference to NASA’s Project Gemini, which paved the way for the Apollo Program’s moon landings.


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