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May 9: ‘Attempt to fan mutiny in army in favour of PTI’

12 May, 2024 12:28

The caretaker government’s report on May 9 said that it was a systematic and dangerous strategy aimed not only at pressuring the Pakistani Army to meet Imran Khan’s political demands, but it was also an open attempt to make rebellion in favour of PTI.

According to the report, the party had become more audacious after not receiving a strong response to earlier violence against state institutions. There was a botched attempt to get deals within the armed forces in their favour. It also said that ‘the events of 9 May 2023 were neither accidental nor spontaneous as they were part of a systematic and dangerous strategy to meet Mr Khan’s demands.

The report further said May 9 was the height of a narrative built around a cult of personalities and a strategy to justify violence against their opponents as national service.

The cabinet committee of the caretaker government which investigated the matter noted with “deep pain” that a popular political party after its election would harm the national interest with such projects.

The Constitution guarantees the exercise of the right of political assembly to advance the interests of the people and not to the detriment of state institutions and national interests.

The report added:”Mr. Khan has been considering the military establishment as responsible for the end of his government for a long time and he was ready to negotiate with only this one institution. Mr. Khan has repeatedly criticized other political parties and their leaders. He also spoke in his contemptuous manner regarding the matter and he kept refusing to talk to them in parliament.

He has also expressed his desire to negotiate a political solution with the military establishment. Mr. Khan refused to respect the military’s constitutional role, which requires it to remain apolitical.

The report further said that he violated the constitutional mandate of the armed forces by expressing his desire for active engagement with the army.

When the armed forces refused to be dragged into politics, Mr. Khan and his party created such an atmosphere, which put pressure on the military to negotiate with them.


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