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N Nazimabad Town chairman opens road project

22 May, 2024 13:08

On the direction of North Nazimabad Town Chairman Atif Ali Khan, the construction work on 70-feet-wide road between UC-5 and UC-4 has commenced.

The project has been launched to improve traffic flow in the area and provide better travel facilities to the local population. The initiative is a part of Town Chairman Atif Ali Khan’s efforts to develop the area and reduce the hardships of the residents.

Speaking to the media, Town Chairman Atif Ali Khan said that the encroachments are also removed from the road. He added that the under-construction is dual carriageway to facilitate commuters.

All the issues related to sewerage in the adjoining areas of the under-construction road would also be resolved to protect it from sewage, the town chairman further said.

On the occasion, locals appreciated the town administration for initiating the road project.

Earlier, mosques were disinfected with disinfectant spray in the Karachi’s North Nazimabad Town.

The move was initiated to facilitate residents of the town during the holy month of Ramazan.

The town administration launched the disinfection spray campaign on the directions of Chairman Atif Ali Khan.



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