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nawaz sharif called £190m case mega corruption scam, demands accountability

08 December, 2023 17:19

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif said the nation should know that those who used to cry ‘thief’ are thieves themselves, the biggest thieves.

While addressing PML-N parliamentary board meeting in Lahore Nawaz Sharif said that the “biggest corruption scandal in the history of Pakistan” was the £190m case and that there was “no doubt about it”.

“This biggest evidence is that they waved a sealed envelope [in a cabinet meeting] and asked for signatures on it. At least show us what is inside the envelope […] but they took approval by putting on blindfolds,” Nawaz claimed.



In the £190m case, Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi allegedly acquired land valued at hundreds of kanals and billions of rupees from Bahria Town Ltd in exchange for legalising Rs50 billion that the UK deposited back to Supreme Court account in the previous PTI administration.

“This was a huge theft and corruption,” Nawaz said. “On the other hand, we were sent to jail for not taking salaries from my son.”

“Who ruined the country? Who brought the country to this point today? Why are the poor starving today? […] All these things are eating up the country. There should be accountability.

Nawaz took a jibe at former PTI chief Imran Khan : “They don’t know anything about morals and principles of state of Madinah..they just used this to promote their political agenda,” he said while referring to the PTI supremo’s slogan to make Pakistan a Madina-like welfare state.


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