Sun, 19 May 2024
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NED, Qalandars form strategic partnership to enhance sports

14 May, 2024 13:58

University of Engineering and Technology (NED) Karachi and two-time PSL champions Lahore Qalandars have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a transformative collaboration aimed at advancing sports excellence and promoting talent development in Pakistan.

Under this MoU, Lahore Qalandars and NED University will establish a state-of-the-art Sports High Performance Resource Centre named the ‘NED-Qalandars High Performance Centre (NED-QHPC),’ symbolizing the partnership’s commitment to fostering cricketing talent.

Lahore Qalandars, a leading and most active PSL franchise, will contribute expertise and resources to modernize the Centre, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and commercial practices.

The collaboration extends beyond facility enhancement, as Lahore Qalandars, with its Qalandars High Performance Center, will explore commercial opportunities at the NED-QHPC while also benefiting from training, rehabilitation, and capacity-building services.

The MoU, effective immediately, will span five years with provisions for further extensions.

Additionally, the partnership aims to create formal certification and degree programs in professional sports, leveraging the combined expertise of NED University and Lahore Qalandars.

Lahore Qalandars will also manage the biomechanics laboratory at NED University, leveraging technology to assist bowlers in rehabilitating their bowling actions, preventing injuries, and enhancing performance through sports science.

The integration of biomechanics represents a groundbreaking addition to the ecosystem of Lahore Qalandars’ player development program. In addition to its world-class training facilities, talent development programs, and pathways for athletes, Qalandars will now harness the power of sports sciences through biomechanics.

This initiative makes Lahore Qalandars the first T20 franchise to establish a comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to talent development. Lahore Qalandars already operate a successful High Performance Center in Lahore, and another center is under construction at the University of Lahore. The utilization of biomechanics underscores Lahore Qalandars’ commitment to innovation and excellence in player development, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the realm of sports performance.

Dr Ali Hassan Mahmood, Controller Student Affairs, NED University, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership marks a significant step towards nurturing local sporting talent and advancing sports science in Pakistan. We look forward to leveraging Lahore Qalandars’ expertise to create a world-class sports facility. Their services in the field of talent hunt and development is paramount and have given over 50 players to the national cricket circuit of Pakistan.”

Atif Rana, CEO of Lahore Qalandars, emphasized the importance of talent development by incorporating a Biomechanics Laboratory at NED University. He stated, “I thank NED University and its management for trusting our system and becoming a part of it.’ Our collaboration with NED University aligns with our vision of fostering grassroots sports talent. Together, we aim to establish a premier hub for sports excellence. We have a state-of-the-art facility in Lahore for development, and with NED in Karachi, we aim to extend our outreach, allowing talent to thrive and grow.”

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