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Need based Ehsaas undergraduate scholarships to deserving students

29 February, 2020 02:03

Need based Ehsaas undergraduate scholarships to deserving bright students to begin Monday. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan will give away need based Ehsaas undergraduate scholarships to the first batch of deserving bright students.

Official sources said that governemnt has decided to spend Rs24 billion on this four year programme.

Notably, the programme aims at supporting 200,000 students as part of scholarships policy.

They will include 100,000 girls but all the support would go to aforesaid students with low income backgrounds.

However, government has also decided to exclusively award 2 percent scholarship to students with special needs.

Overall, government planned to give 50 thousand scholarships every year to enhance financial access to higher education for the deserving students.

The need and merit-based scholarship covers tuition fee as well as a living stipend.


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