Tue, 18 Jun 2024
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New instructions issued for TikTok creators

21 May, 2024 12:37

The world’s most popular and short video social media application TikTok has issued new and important guidelines for creating and uploading videos.

In its new community guidelines, TikTok management has informed that content on various topics including dangerous diets, drug use, sexual exploitation, violence and hateful content will no longer be displayed in the For You feed.

In addition, the account of children under 13 years of age will be severely restricted and only content suitable for children will be displayed.

According to the current guidelines, not only children but also adults will not be able to view content on all the above topics on TikTok on the For You feed and the application’s algorithm will not allow such content to be applied.

The above instructions were issued by Tik Tok last month, which has been implemented three days ago on May 17. After which, the videos will not show such dangerous content that has been disputed in different regions or countries. Also, the content of different types of challenges will not be seen.

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