Sun, 16 Jun 2024
( 10 Dhul Hijjah 1445 )

Hajj pilgrim gives birth to baby boy in Makkah

11 June, 2024 10:30

A Nigerian woman, who came the kingdom to perform Hajj, gave birth to a healthy baby in Makkah. The birth was normal and both the mother her baby are in stable condition, medical sources said.

According to Saudi media, this is the first birth to take place during the Hajj season this year.

The Makkah Health Cluster said that the pilgrim, who was in her 31st week of pregnancy, was admitted to the emergency department after she experienced labor pains.

It added that the 30-year-old woman gave birth to a baby boy, who has been named Muhammad, at the Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Makkah.

The report further said that the woman was admitted to the hospital’s emergency room after 31 weeks of pregnancy due to severe pain. The premature baby is being cared for in a Makkah hospital and the condition of the woman is said to be improving.

The woman pilgrim has appreciated the medical staff for their exceptional care for her and the baby.

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