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No mercy: Govt, Army on same page against May 09 riots executors

09 May, 2024 13:07

The Government and the Pakistan Army are on the same page to bring May 09 executors to justice as nation marks the first anniversary of deadly riots.

It has been a year since the deadly riots broke out in Lahore and later spread across Pakistan. Many military and public installations were attacked during the riots and dozens were killed as well as injured in separate incidents.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that there could absolutely be no soft-pedaling of what happened on May 9.

The prime minister took to X saying, “One year ago today, not only were symbols of our national pride and honor attacked, but the sanctity of our sacred homeland was also assaulted.”

“Let not the shadows of lies, hide the light of truth… Love of our country demands nothing less,” he remarked.

In another post, he had said that May 9 was a day that separated two distinct mindsets – one that sacrificed for the country and the other that betrayed the nation for personal gains.

“One year has passed, but the nation has not forgotten its betrayers and will never forget them, he added.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s armed forces, along with the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) and services chiefs strongly condemned the criminal acts perpetrated during the May 9 riots last year, resolving not to allow its “executors” to get away with their violent acts.

“May 9 (Black Day) as one of the darkest days in the country’s national history, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), in a statement said.

“Politically motivated and brainwashed miscreants in an act of rebellion deliberately resorted to violence against state institutions and vandalised sacred symbols of the state and the sites belonging to national heritage,” it said.

“Failing to undermine national harmony and stability, the planner, facilitators and executors of this conspiracy embarked upon a sinister campaign of hate against the Armed Forces and the state with an intent to twist the narrative to their advantage and shift the blame on the state institutions,” the military’s media wing said.

It added that it is precisely for this reason there can neither be any compromise with the planners, facilitators and executors of the May 9 tragedy nor would they be allowed to hoodwink the law of land.

“Bringing the real culprits of 9th May to justice is paramount to ensure that in future, no one dares to desecrate the memories of our heroes and the symbols of our unity through such an unwarranted conduct in future,” the statement read.

“By displaying utmost restraint during this deliberate and brazenly orchestrated violence, Pakistan Armed Forces thwarted the insidious conspiracy by the planners, facilitators and executors who wanted to destabilise Pakistan by inciting confrontation between the people and the Armed Forces,” it added.

The military’s media wing added that the country’s armed forces, today,, have renewed their resolve to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan and defeat nefarious designs of the enemies of its, both external and internal.

“Our Shuhada and their families are pride of Pakistan. The Armed Forces of Pakistan pledge to uphold their dignity and respect at all costs. Pakistan Armed Forces hold a very special relationship with the people of Pakistan,” the statement mentioned.

“Today, let’s join hands to strongly denounce the conspiracies to weaken Pakistan and work together for the prosperity and stability of our beloved country. Pakistan Armed Forces Zinda’bad, Pakistan Painda’bad.”

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